Pirate party :)

22 Jul

My nephews 5th birthday was yesterday 🙂 he turned 5! Wow, time sure does fly by!

For his birthday, he wanted to have a pirate theme! So for the past couple weeks, I have been planning just that! Its been fun, but a lot of work
…it’s going to be nice to see his expression at his party (Sunday)

I’ll post pictures, soon!


Rummage sale

24 May

If you can help, we’d really appreciate it!


Spring Treats

21 May

This spring my sister in-law came in town and we got to bake together (=
We made these beautiful cupcakes and rice crispy bird nests for Sunday church!
It was a blast getting to try some cute ideas and of course cleaning up our MASSIVE mess lol

I thought they were adorable and perfect for spring time 🙂 enjoy!!


To make the bird nests, we used:
– rice crispy cereal mixed with marshmallows (that we shaped into bird nests)
*NOTE: I used the coconut toasted marshmallows to add extra taste and a slightly different color. They were a little more difficult that regular marshmallows, to work with)
– coconut (we dyed it green to make the grass)
– chocolate whopper eggs (for you guessed it, the eggs!)
– a glass or wax paper to place the eggs on when finished and while shaping.



– To decorate the cupcakes we used dyed homemade buttercream icing and various objects (bird shaped fondant, whopper eggs, gummy flowers, etc…) to add little fun to the cupcakes.

Hello world!

18 May

I have been debating for a long tome about doing a blog! Should I do it or should I not? Guess what I choose? (:

It couldn’t hurt, and who knows this could turn out to be a lot of fun 😉

So I let’s give this a go!